What Brands Can Do to Engage With Fans During Pandemic?

global pride crossing 2020

Since Covid-19 outbreak, almost every country around the world has experienced the pause. Social distancing has became one of the most popular movement in each city. People are forced to stay at home and reduce the frequency of dinning out and shopping, which causing huge revenue loss for most brands.

What brands can do to turn around this situation especially for those sports which need fans to be in the stadiums and those events which need audience to participate in person?

Building a digital community is a key metric!

1.MBL encouraged fans to show support for their teams by the using Snapchat feature

What MBL did is one great example. MBL cooperated with Snapchat and developed an in-app feature which allowing fans to take photos with team caps on and share their support directly through Snapchat. This fun and innovative feature created a hit topic between young fans and engaged more with the audience event though they were only in front of the TV.

Snapchat feature allows fans to take photos with virtual team caps on

2. Annual Global Pride event hosted a live stream for the 1st time

Another great example is the Global Pride. Since the biggest attraction of this event is the parade hosted in every city, people expect to see floats and celebrate together. However, during the Pandemic period, no gathering is allowed. Therefore, the Global Pride 2020 organization hosted the world’s first 24-hour stream of LGBTI+ content which was viewed by millions people from 163 countries.

Moreover, Global Pride 2020 also cooperated with Animal Crossing, a social simulation video game series developed and published by Nintendo, and specially built a Pride Island in the video game during the Pride week. There were several activities hosted in the game which players could participate such as changing pride-friendly clothes for those characters and doing a rainbow march, etc. (see more details )

3. CHANEL brought spring-summer 2021 ready-to-wear show in live stream form

Runway shows for high-end brands such as CHANEL and DIOR are the most major events to present the collection of in-season clothing design to the world. And celebrities wearing the brand’s clothes and attending the runway show are the tradition. However, this year many high-end brands changed to host the event through a live stream which not just allowing celebrities but also fans from worldwide to participate together. Fans could directly leave comments or interact with brands through Twitter. All of sudden, the bonding with brands used to only belonging to celebrities but now is sharing to regular fans. This digital transition actually helps brands to reach out more people out there.

CHANEL ready-to-wear show in the live stream

This Pandemic seems like a catalyzer of digital transformation for many brands and push brands to start work on building up digital communities. By offering digital content or events, sports and brands can still engage with fans in an unusual way but a good way. In the end, maybe this is the bride side of this whole Pandemic outbreak.




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