Twitter Released a Limit Replies Feature to Control Abusive Messages

Demo Screenshot: Limited Replies Options

In August 12, Twitter rolled out a new feature globally which allowing users to limit WHO can reply the tweet and giving users more controlling power regarding spam or abusive messages.

Twitter released 3 limited reply options

When a user compose a tweet and in the bottom-left side, it will appear an earth icon as the default setting that everyone can reply to this tweet. And when clicking the earth icon, there are another 2 replying options to choose : people you follow and only people you mention in the tweet. Moreover, these three options only apply to “open-accounts”. If accounts are already limited view to the public, then it only has the default option and the icon will turn grey color.

Demo Screenshot: Everyone can reply
Demo Screenshot: 3 reply options
Demo Screenshot: Only people you mention can reply
People are 3 times more likely to use this feature if they’ve been abused by others’ replies

By adding this feature, users gets more comfortable to share thoughts on Twitter; according to the report of Tech Crunch, users who used to report abuse are three times more likely to use this new feature. This tool is also good for sensitive or controversial tweets without receiving hateful responses. However, this won’t be able to solve the situation once and for all because people still can retweet with comment to express their thoughts.

But many people have criticized this feature is going to ruin the openness of Twitter that anyone can reply or join any conversation no matter they follow or know each other.

What a marketer can be benefited from this feature?

From marketing perspective, other than current three options, if Twitter can offer a customized-list option which allowing marketers to engage with certain people such as loyal customers by different campaign goals, marketers can directly talk to this group and ask them for action.

For instance, if I want to launch a contest and ask VIP customers to share their shopping experience by replying to the tweet, I can pre-load a VIP list and limit only those people on my list to reply. And then I do a lucky draw from those replies. This can be a great segmenting and time-saving tool for marketing.

Other than the initial purpose of this new feature, is there any other possible usage that you can think of to improve your work?




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