Time to Work on Mobile Campaigns During COVID-19 Pandemic

Top & Breakout Apps in Q2 2020

According to the research from App Annie, during COVID-19, monthly time spent in mobile apps increased 40% YOY in Q2 2020, which reaching all-time high. When the research deeps dive in, the time increase was in non-gaming apps. This is not a surprising result because people spent tons of time staying at home and using video-conferencing or entertainment apps such as Zoom and Netflix.

chart of monthly hours spent in mobile apps

You’re probably wondering how about the amount of spending in apps? As what you anticipated, the spending in apps grew 15% YOY in iOS and 25% YOY in Google Play, hitting a record $27B in Q2 2020. The growth was mainly from in-app subscriptions like Disney+ and Twitch, etc. That was an unexpected growing trend that no one was able to predict before COVID-19 outbreak.

From the list of Top & Breakout Apps of Q2 2020, the No. 1 ranking app is TikTok which is the most download & consumer spend app at the same time. And ZOOM Cloud Meeting is the second one in the most-download app category and followed by Facebook. Interestingly, people not just spent money in TikToK for entertainment but also in Tinder for finding relationships.

Top Apps Worldwide in Q2 2020

This research shows us this trending behavior, people switching to mobile as their main devices to consume information, stay productivity or simply connect to others, is growing even fast than we think. Therefore, there are 2 major things that marketers should keep in mind and do better to retain users:

  • Mobile-friendly interface no matter on apps or on mobile-webs is extremely crucial nowadays
  • Social campaigns on TikTok or Facebook to boost engagement with users in more fun ways

Chipotle is doing a great job on TikTok to promote its product features by using humorous methods. Check out one of examples in the below:


It doesn’t have to be a long video but a short clip is way okay. Why not starting to explore more ideas on TikTok and working on your own campaigns today. Who knows this pandemic will lock us at home for how long?




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