Should Brands Do “Black Lives Matter” Campaigns?

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2020 is an extremely difficult year. We’re not just experiencing Covid-19 but also race conflicts. The whole society becomes even more divided than ever. Due to the death of George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter movement took place across the country. This type of controversial movements is tough for brands to decide wether speaking out or not.

Is there any benefit for brands to stand out for such movements?

The answer really depends. Simply put, you need to examine if the appeal of movements matches what your brand believes. As you remember, in my other article Does Branding Really Benefit Your Sale?, I mentioned that doing branding is building up an attitude around your brand which can help to gather fans who are sharing the same believe. Once you have a group of loyal followers, it boosts up your sales eventually. Therefore, if the appeal of movements is what your brand supports, then doing a campaign around it definitely helps to enhance your brand image that you’re trying to convey to fans and create buzz on social media.

Is any brand doing great on BLM campaigns?

If there is any brand never afraid to speak out its believe, Nike is definitely on the top list. In 2018, Nike invited Colin Kaepernick to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the tagline “Just Do It.” During the time, Nike got criticized and people hated the ad. But Nike founder Phil Knight told Fast Company “ as long as you have that attitude, you can’t be afraid of offending people. You can’t try and go down the middle of the road. You have to take a stand on something, which is ultimately I think why the Kaepernick ad worked.”

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However, after 1 years, the police brutality and violence against black people are getting worse. The George Floyd case is the tipping point of BLM movement. Nike, again, released a full-purpose advertisement For once, Don’t Do It. And for the first time, Nike changed its tagline “Just Do It” to “Don’t Do it” and hoped to draw attention from more people.

Nike is the great example that a brand has a strong believe and is never afraid to step out. Due to all those efforts Nike has done for many years, people can easily tie this strong image with Nike and become true followers of the brand. Although these issues are heavy topics, Nike still gets benefits on brand preference, awareness on social media and sales increase eventually.

If you’re interested in other BLM related campaigns or ads, you can also check out this article 12 Examples of Brands Supporting #BlackLivesMatter. And let me know if there is any other campaign you like.




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