Metaverse's First Lucky Bag NFT

NFT Marketing Campaign Review: Lucky Bag NFT

What is Lucky Bag NFT Campaign?

Lucky Bag NFT real screnshot

Co-branded with DemiVerse, the largest NFT Community in TW

Released 6,666 Metaverse’s 1st Redeemable Lucky Bag NFT

  • Every night from Jan 31st to Feb 3rd
  • Cooperated with 50 local merchants 
  • More than 20k prizes for redemptions (ig. hotel vouchers )
  • More than NT$1 million prize value in total
Redeem process

The World’s 1st NFT Redemption Feature

  • Solved the problem of verifying NFT holders in real life
  • From Metaverse to real-life experiences (ig. Use NFT to redeem a real drink)
  • NFT became real VIP pass

Campaign Performance

lucky bag sold out message


  • 73s sold out in one day
  • At peak times, more than 2 millions mint requests
  • More than 10k unique addresses 
App ranking exceeded

App Rankings Exceeded

  • App downloads increased 7 times
  • App rankings exceeded in app stores
Gleam whitelist challenge

10K Whitelist Challenges

  • More than 1,000 participants 
  • Completed 10K whitelist challenge tasks
  • More than 3,000 times task sharing
redeem pictures

Only Takes Avg 10s to Redeem a Perk

  • R edeemed 1 perk only in 10s
  • In 2 days, more than 100 users redeemed Chalicha prizes

Media Performance

Press release screenshots

Mass Media Coverage

More than millions impressions

More than 11 mainstream or blockchain-related media covered the store (ig. ABmedia, Yahoo! News), which receiving millions exposure

KOLs shared campaign message

KOLs Created Buzz

Reached more than 100k fans

11 crypto-related KOLs introduced the campaign (ig. Bryan Brain Bro, Anson) , which reaching more than 100k fans during the event. 

crypto communities participated WL lucky draw

Communities Sharing

Attracted 1,000+ fans to participate 

Many crypto-related communities (i.g. N24, Zombie) shared the campaign, which attracting thousands fans to participate lucky draw activities.

brand ambassadors wrote articles and blogs to promote the campaign

Brand Ambassadors Promoted Proactively 

Invited 1,000+ friends to join WL tasks

Brand ambassadors proactively shared how-to articles and promoted the campaign, which inviting more than thousands friends to join whitelist challenges


Campaign Performance Summary