How to Utilize Other Brands to do Branding? (part 1)

KFC is using IKEA's logo to lure customers

Using other brand to promote KFC’s new restaurant

In late July, we saw an OOH advertisement of KFC showed up in Palma of Mallorca, Spain. Interestingly, the ads looks like IKEA’s logo and brand color with one line “Ya sabes dónde estamos” which means “You already know where we are.”

The reason why KFC Spain did this is it lately opened a new restaurant which happens to be nearby an IKEA store and many locals already know where the IKEA is. Therefore, instead of directly putting address information out there, KFC uses this OOH to indicate the location of its new restaurant by mimicking IKEA’s billboard.

This way of playing around other brands’ asset not only adds eye-catching elements into a boring OOH, but also leverages the awareness of other brand to promote its own brand. This is really a smart move from KFC.

If you’re interested in more details, you can check out from or Spanish version in




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