Does Audio Become a New Battleground for Marketers?

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Time spent on listening at home increased 20% during the pandemic

Due to the pandemic, the time people staying at home has become longer than ever. According to the research of Pandora, audio listening at home increased 20% in May comparing to the beginning of this year. Since living rooms and bedrooms are now as virtual offices or classrooms, people are more likely listening to music, news, podcast, etc through PC/ desktop or home audio equipment under this circumstance. Therefore, we saw 54% growth in PC/desktop and 43% growth in smart home devices.

Chart from Pandora research

Among all types of audio content, music is still on the top ranking and grew 35% QOQ. Music accounts 73% of category share and is followed by News which accounts 10.8%.

Chart from Pandora research
Where target audience goes, the brand should be there as well!

Audio or podcast is not a new thing to brands. Couple years ago, podcast has become a popular channel to reach audience or promote the brand messages. Back then, there were some brands doing well by launching their own podcasts which provided brand-related contents such as “Open for Business” by eBay and #LIPSTORIES by Sephora Collection.

In “Open for Business”, eBay interviewed many entrepreneurs to share the stories how they grew business from very scratch, which matching the brand spirit of eBay: “We Empower People and Create Economic Opportunity”

In Sephora case, they partnered with Girlboss Radio and invited influential women to share their own lipstories. By doing so, Sephora was able to promote strong brand messages and encourage other women, which tying up the brand image with girls power strongly.

However, these podcasts are no longer updating new episodes anymore.

Since our living behaviors have changed due to the pandemic and we’re paying more attention to listening audio, this may be a good timing for brands considering to re-launch podcasts or advertise on streaming platforms.

3 tips for your audio marketing strategy!

  • Topic is relevant

no matter you’re creating a brand-owned podcast or partnering with shows/programs, choosing a topic highly relevant to your brand. “Shopify Masters Podcast” by Shopify is a great example.

If you’re advertising on platforms, making sure your audio ads appearing on right shows or songs which have the same target audience like your brand.

  • Content always matters

Instead of hard-selling your products/services, telling stories that inspires or encourages people to make actions will help engage with listeners and make them become your followers. Good content is always the key to retain listeners in the community. (If you want to know why telling stories can help engage followers, check out the article “Does Branding Really Benefit Your Sale?“)

  • Call-to-action implements

In each episode, don’t forget to ask listeners to share or comment their thoughts. If it’s an ad, make sure you design a call-to-action for listeners to participate. The more listeners engage, the longer they stick with your brand.

If you have other ideas of audio marketing, you’re welcome to leave a comment or send me a message.




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