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Website with call to action

Without proper call to actions on each webpage of your site, you lose many chances to further interact with visitors or close a deal right at the moment!

Use dApp browser to connect wallet

Knowing how to use dApps and free yourself from the limited investment targets of the exchanges and the risk of rug pull. Here are WHY and HOW.

screenshots of Floor app

Managing NFT assets is getting difficult especially when you have so many in the wallet! Here are 3 NFT tools, including TraitSniper, KryptoGO Wallet and Floor, that you may find useful.

NFT as a New Memebrship Marketing Tool

Marketing: NFTs have become sophisticated in ways marketers couldn’t even dream of. With the transparency of Blockchain, marketers can identify members by screening any wallet holding NFTs.

KFC is using IKEA's logo to lure customers

Playing around other brands' asset not only adds eye-catching elements into a boring OOH, but also leverages the awareness of other brand to promote your own brand.